The Advantages of Pet Bicycle Trailers

Pet Bicycle Trailers

In its simplest form, a pet bicycle trailer is simply a large padded carrying case for your bicycle that fits over the rear wheel. Today, many manufacturers have created multiple different styles of pet bike trailers, each offering a number of convenient features to enhance your biking experience. We have reviewed many of these particular accessories and made a shortlist of the top most preferred pet bicycle trailers in 2021.

* Bike Sides – Pet bicycle trailers with side handles is great for both road bikes and mountain bikes, offering you more grip on your pedals while keeping your hands close to your body. They come in a variety of trendy colors and fabrics to complement any style and modernize your ride. Some are even waterproof to protect your rides from rain or a leaky hose. The soft lining allows your pet to feel secure while riding, while the flexible straps and padded pads ensure your ride remains comfortable. These sides are also much easier to clean than handlebars, making them a great choice for everyday cleaning.

* Extra Weight Protection – Most pet bicycle trailers will be equipped with a sturdy hitch to assist in towing a second bike if necessary. However, an extra weight protection feature is also available for those who prefer to carry their pets along with themselves on their bike. This will provide your dogs with extra comfort during long rides, preventing them from struggling or falling. They are also much easier to control and stop when needed, allowing you to maintain control over your journey without the need to wrestle and pull hard on the handlebars.

* Adjustable Towing Bar – The adjustable towing bars on some pet bicycle trailers allow for the perfect fit. As your dog grows and weighs more, they may not be as comfortable being carried by you. To prevent this situation, most towing units have a series of bars that can be adjusted for different size dogs. Simply raise or lower the bars until your pet feels as comfortable as they can be, and then continue riding. Your journey is not only made more enjoyable, but your furry companion is more comfortable with the extra weight.

* Comfort – The frame and other parts of pet bicycle trailers are designed to be as comfortable as possible, while still providing enough strength to keep you safe. Many of the accessories available come with multiple cushions for your dogs to snuggle up on, making it comfortable for both of you. Cushioned seats are also available for to ensure your pet’s comfort while riding. For added comfort, many pet bicycle trailers also offer custom made chaise lounges for your dog to enjoy. These sturdy chairs provide extra support for your pet as you ride and also give you the comfort you need to keep your hands and feet comfortable throughout your journey.

Pet Bicycle Trailers offers a great way to take your beloved canine with you on any of your road trips. Whether you are looking for a trailer to haul your car or a pet carrier for you to transport your dog in, Pet Bicycle Trailers offers a variety of trailers to fit your needs. Pet trailers are available in various sizes to fit most cars, and sometimes even small vans. To ensure your dog is safely transported, be sure to choose a reputable dealer. A quality dealer will be able to answer all of your questions, so that you know exactly what type of trailer your vehicle will need.