Carpet Cleaning Tips for Dealing With Dirt and Stains on Carpets

Carpet cleaning is done to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets to make them as good as new. Common techniques include steam cleaning, dry-clean, and vacuuming among others. Grande Prairies Carpet Cleaning¬†services are also provided by professionals who perform a thorough inspection of carpets to determine the type of cleaning needed. The professional’s assessment of the carpet determines how much cleaning will be required. Carpets that have been neglected and not cleaned regularly may require heavy treatments. Regular maintenance will ensure that carpets maintain its beauty and last for a long time.

If you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, it will first inspect your carpet. The professional will then provide a bonnet cleaning solution which helps remove soil, stain, grease, and other organic matter from carpet fibers using a small amount of heat. The bonnet cleaning solution penetrates deep into the fibers and removes any stains. If you clean your carpet with a bonnet cleaning solution on a regular basis, stains should be removed easily. However, if there are stubborn stains that you are unable to remove with the bonnet cleaning solution, the carpet technician can recommend a different carpet cleaning technique.

Carpet cleaning technicians also use hot water extraction to remove dirt and stains from your carpets. Hot water extraction is the process where the carpet cleaner uses very hot water to loosen soil and stains before removing it through a cleaning machine. The hot water extracted on the carpets is then extracted using a vacuum. This technique requires that all residues and soil are removed from the carpets, which makes the floors susceptible to new stains. Vacuuming the floors after the carpet cleaner has finished applying the hot water extraction solution will help remove soil particles and residue from the carpet.

If there are deep-seated stains on your carpet, such as ink or some sort of dye, carpet care technicians will use a carpet extractor, which is similar to a small vacuum cleaner. The carpet extractor moves the carpet through a suction tube and sucks up the dirt and stain. It is important to note that if a stain is deep-seated, it may not be possible to remove it with a carpet extractor.

In cases where deep cleaning is not possible or is too expensive, there are alternatives to professional carpet cleaning. Homeowners can take on the task themselves. Home vacuuming is a popular method of deep cleaning because homeowners can clean the floor themselves and save money in the process. This is often a good alternative to hiring professionals in the first place. One important thing to remember: homeowners must only vacuum in directions provided by the manufacturer of the vacuum and they must never turn the vacuum on if the carpet-cleaning solution has been added to the unit.

A final alternative to professional carpet cleaning is called spot removal. This method involves using chemicals that are left on the carpet but do not get into the fibers of the carpet. Instead, the spot chemicals work to lift dirt that has already come into contact with the carpet fibers. This method is useful for removing stains and dirt that have stayed embedded in the carpet fibers even after professional cleaners have worked the carpet. Homeowners can effectively remove spots from carpets without spending the money to hire professionals.