Canopy and Shelter Specialists – High Quality Canopies For Schools, Nurseries & Colleges

High quality canopies for schools, nurseries & colleges backed by top-class service

Canopy and shelter specialists are able to transform outside spaces into a whole host of new, hardwearing facilities. This includes outdoor learning and dining areas, efficient shelter between classrooms and much more. We also supply and install tensile fabric sail structures that add character, dimension and colour to any area they are placed in.

For example, we recently supplied and installed six Motiva Linear straight roof canopies at the Malet Lambert School in Hull, to provide students with a place to socialise during their break times or lunch breaks. These sheltered areas have quickly become the ‘places-to-be’ for students, whatever the weather, as they enjoy extra outdoor space that is free from obstructive posts and poles. The canopies are complemented by 24 recycled plastic benches that we also sourced.

Alternatively, we can provide shaded play areas that will make it safer and easier for kids to explore their surroundings, boosting creativity and social interaction. In many cases, these sheltered areas can be used as a focal point to teach kids about the natural world and how things work.

In addition, our canopies are ideal for protecting vehicles and machinery at fueling stations. For example, a canopy can protect the equipment from rain, snow and sleet so money and tickets can be exchanged safely. We can even offer a range of pre-engineered steel canopies that are particularly suitable for use in this type of environment.

A canopy can also provide a safe and dry spot for visitors to wait for a ride or service, as well as providing protection from the elements. In fact, we can design a wide range of different types of canopy to suit the needs of any facility, from entrance canopies to sports spectator stands and beyond.

When selecting a canopy, it is important to consider the frame material and design, as these will have a direct impact on the structural integrity of the finished product. The canopy should also be made from a UV-resistant material that will help to prevent damage caused by harmful sunrays.

Lastly, it is important to look at the installation process and the aftercare that will be provided. Canopies that are fabricated offsite and delivered to site ready for installation will reduce the amount of hot works that need to be carried out on site, which is especially important in environments where flammable materials or chemicals may be stored onsite. At Canopy and Shelter Specialists, we can fabricate and deliver our products to the exact specifications of your project, meaning there are no unforeseen issues that may delay or cost you more money in the long run. Contact us to learn more about our services or request a quote now. We look forward to hearing from you soon!