Best Places to Sell Your Used Diabetic Test Strips For Cash

diabetic test strips for cash

Many people find that they are overflowing with unused, unwanted diabetic test strips, and are interested in making some money. Selling these soiled items is a great way to get cash for them. You simply mail them back to the company and receive a check in return. You can then choose whether to receive your payment through PayPal, a money order, or a Bluebird Transfer. Here are the best companies to buy your used diabetes test strips.

The best way to sell your used, unused, or expired diabetic test strips for cash is through FastCashStrips. This company has been buying and selling diabetic test strips for over 11 years, and will pay you top dollar for them. They will also pay you for shipping your used test strips, and they will pay you within a day. Some of the most popular brands include One Touch Ultra Blue, Freestyle Lite, Minimed, and Bayer Contour.

When selling your used test strips, it is important to remember that you cannot sell strips bought through Medicaid or Medicare. These test strips are paid for by the federal government, and are not allowed to be sold. Because of this, they will have a red line on them. However, if you’re able to sell your used diabetic test strips, they will happily pay you top dollar for them. There are a few ways to sell your used test strip items for cash.

A quick and easy way to sell your used diabetic test strips for cash is to resell them on the internet. If you’ve been collecting them for years, you might want to resell them online. The best way to resell your old test strips is through a website that specializes in this type of secondhand commerce. In exchange for the money, you’ll receive the shipping costs as well as your shipping charges.

There are a number of different websites where you can sell your used diabetic test strips for cash. Some companies will buy diabetic test strips directly from you while others will market them to insurance companies. There are several ways to sell your used test strips for cash. If you are looking to sell your diabetic test strips for the most money, you may want to sell them at a local pharmacy. The website will help you determine the most suitable payment method for you.

American Medical Surplus is the best place to sell your used diabetic test strips for cash. Its reputation is among the highest in the market, and it also offers the fastest turnaround time. Its reputation is solid and its payment is guaranteed in just one business day. So, if you want to sell your used diabetic test strips for money, use the service that’s best for you. It’s worth a shot!